Core Team

Our management team consists of strong qualified professionals supported directly and indirectly by various experienced and matured team leaders who are keen and focused to adhere to the following golden rules for its effectiveness and efficiency.

  • To be consistent.

  • To ensure clarity, accuracy and thoroughness in communication.

  • To set the goal of working as a team.

  • To Publicly reward and recognize hard work.

  • To be and set an example.

  • Never to go with 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

  • To remain as transparent as possible.

  • To encourage all opinions and ideas.

  • To help people to enjoy work.

  • To listen and ask questions.

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Further to make things perfect, Ryans Preschool also engaged a renowned consultancy firm, Sigma Edutech, headed by a senior well qualified consultant, who is having around 15 years of experience in the educational sector alone.

He is very much successful in planning, setting up, Laisioning, brand building, marketing, facilitating , guiding and managing various branded preschools and CBSE schools.

More than 80 preschools and CBSE schools across the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been benefited by his knowledge and experience.

  • Teachers are one of the key elements in any school and effective & efficient teaching is one of the key propellers for improving the quality of learning experience.

  • Ryans believe in engaging qualified women teachers for improving classroom practice.

  • Our Teachers are well qualified with PG Degree and B.Ed and Montessori education.

  • They are continuously trained internally as well as also by other reputed teacher training Institutions on dynamics of child behavior and to its related skills and curriculum.

  • Ryans Pupil Teacher Ratio shall be maintained as 15:1 in line with the Government norms.

  • Required number of non-teaching staff has been appointed by Ryans Management for effective and efficient administration.

  • Sufficient number of Ayahs / Attendants has also been appointed to attend the children.

  • They are adequately trained to take care of the children, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

  • The appointment of Teachers shall be recruited only after conducting interviews at various levels and their integrity, loyalty and trust shall be thoroughly verified before appointment.

  • Non teaching staffs shall be verified and well certified by the local police authority to ensure that individuals with criminal background are not appointed.