To facilitate through our curriculum and daily designed program to help all children to learn and grow positively to:

  • Reach his learning potential by providing a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where self-esteem, independence, decision making and self-control are supported.

  • Learn to function comfortably as a member of a group and grow in their ability to trust others and develop rewarding interpersonal relationships.

  • Appreciate and respect individual differences and all other aspects of diversity in the children, teachers and other adults they come in contact with.

  • Understand expectations and boundaries in the classroom and their interpersonal relationships with others.

  • Flourish in areas of social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

  • Actively participate in and enjoy the learning process by engaging in a wide variety of age appropriate activities in a predictable daily schedule.

  • Discover his/her unique talents and wonderful potential.

  • Learn to question, think, problem solve and discover.

  • Be creative and flexible.

  • Learn more than just the “ right “ answers.

  • Utilize Learning Centers and Hands-On Activities as an avenue for learning.

  • Assimilate and apply necessary pre-academic skills.