We as Ryans Pre-school, carry out Multiple Intelligence inspired methodology that believes in educating the whole child in a balanced manner by working in sync with linguistic, logical, spatial, emotional, and physical development of the child. We strive to provide an artistic curriculum that responds and enhance the development in early childhood.

    Each learning process in Ryans Pre-school is achieved through (I 4) Innovation-> Inspiration-> intensity-> Integrity. Thus the program goes beyond text book and focus on Listening & learning or reading & listening.

    Multiple Intelligence Theory and Practice :

    Multiple Intelligence Theory was developed by Howard Gardner of Harvard University. It takes the idea of traditional IQ, or “book smarts” a step further and includes the following 8 areas as different forms of intelligence :

  • Linguistic –Good in language, reading and writing.

  • Logical / Mathematical–Good in mathematical concepts, numbers and logical thinking.

  • Spatial –Good at visualizing, including concepts of space, reading maps, puzzles.

  • Kinesthetic – Good muscle coordination and motor skills including sports, dance etc...

  • Musical –Good with music and musical concepts.

  • Interpersonal –Good people skills.

  • Intrapersonal – Good knowledge of self, emotional awareness.

  • Natural –Good in nature including understanding of life cycles, natural systems, plants and animals.

  • Everyone has different levels of ability in each of these areas. By understanding a child's strengths, we teach in a way that makes it easier for children to learn.