About Ryans

We at Ryans Pre-School, believe that every child should be given an opportunity to discover his or her area of strength and skill set (the earliest,the better) and develop them to the fullest. We believe that every child is gifted, be it in sports, studies, values, music or any other field for that matter and that's where the guidance and the teaching methodologies of "RYANS" play a vital role in nurturing the child's mental stability and physical ability.


Acquire Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom
By Word ! By Faith ! Through Love !


To Pronounce and Proclaim the truth of knowledge and wisdom and facilitate to deliver and renew the strength of the Young Ones to
" Arise and Shine "

Our Values

Honouring the Commitments - Fulfilling the expectations of our stake holders
No Compromize on Quality - on things with what we perform
Integrity, Loyalty & Ethics - On things with what and whom we deal
Transparency - No mincing on things with what we decide,declare & do.

Quality Policy

RYANS management commits to promote and optimize a Quality Culture within the organization.

  • By means of Information sharing, decision making and delegation.
  • By defining and documenting the policies, procedures and work     instructions to meet the demands and needs of the legislative &        statutory requirements, learners, staffs & stakeholders.
  • By eliminating the deficiencies through corrective, preventive       and proactive actions.
  • By carrying out multi continual improvement tasks on all above        said actions.

to attain the Highest Degree of Excellence

By Word! By Faith! Through Love!