• It is the emotional / physical bonding experiences of infancy and early childhood that the roots of attachment are created giving the individual the capacity to form and maintain healthy emotional relationships throughout their lifespan.

  • Our brain is designed to promote relationships. Specific parts of the human brain respond to emotional cues such as facial expressions, touch, scent and more important allow us to get pleasure from positive human interactions. This factor is clearly a positive motivator and learning tool during infancy and childhood. Young children want to please their teachers. They model adults and children they admire.

  • It is these very factors that facilitate parents and teachers in shaping pro-social and social behaviors in a child. In the process of teaching children emotional, social and cognitive tasks, the strongest rewards for a child are the attention, approval and recognition of success that the parent or teacher can give. It is the attachment theory that dominates all interactions and educational processes at Kids on the Ryans Academy causing the child to excel, thrive and develop a thirst to learn.

  • Thus in our learning experiences, we encourage discovery, creativity, development and exploration in a safe, respectful, yet stimulating relationship based environment.